Curatorial Collaboration With Sector 2337

Each Autumn, since 2014 Every house has a door and The Green Lantern Press engage in a collaborative curatorial coproduction at Sector 2337 in relation to an upcoming exhibition.

Wasted Hours - An evening of Performance

September 2016 | Michal Samama + Alberto Aguilar

… Does it seem as though September had come? How swiftly summer has fled, and what report has it borne to heaven of misspent time and wasted hours? Eternity only will answer. …

Wasted hours – an evening of performance, presents commissioned works by Michal Samama and Alberto Aguilar. Wasted Hours is the third collaborative curatorial coproduction between Every house and The Green Lantern Press. As the only live part of the experimental online exhibition Institutional Garbage (Sector 2337 and Hyde Park Art Center), Wasted Hours considers performance in ways analogous to the exhibition’s framing of the hidden aspects of institutions. The title derives from a letter by the poet Emily Dickinson, written on a September day 170 years ago.


About The Green Lantern Press

Founded in 2005, The Green Lantern Press is an artist-run, nonprofit organization dedicated to the production, integration, and dissemination of contemporary art, literature, and philosophy. Head quartered at Sector 2337, the press produces noncommercial works: experimental art exhibits, critical print publications, and free public programs that facilitate the growth and development of select artist projects, while engaging the surrounding community. In a world where the humanities must often defend themselves, The Green Lantern Press offers intimate examples of creative thought, demonstrating the value of artistic and intellectual pursuits in the public sphere.