›Truck Tracks Ruhr‹ : Red, blue, white, yellow, black

The City of Essen, Germany is the stage for the final album of the acclaimed art project ›Truck Tracks Ruhr‹by Rimini Protokoll and Urbane Künste Ruhr. Visitors take a seat on a truck that has been rebuilt as a mobile auditorium complete with a glass fourth wall, to watch the city’s landscapes roll past. Seven commissioned artists add a soundtrack to the individual stops and interweave real-life images of the city with their own audio-stories. Everything that happens in each five-minute audio-story becomes part of a performance, an orchestration of daily life, in which what the eye sees is acoustically overwritten or countered.

The Every house contribution, Red, blue, white, yellow, black imagines a performance in response to the past, present, and near future of one exterior wall in the complex that once constituted the largest coal mining facility in the Ruhr District. Featuring the voice of Petra Bachmaier and an original song by Lin Hixson and Madeleine Aguilar.

Performances March 17 through April 16, 2017.